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Ping Pong or Table Tennis Vs Youth Obesity and Inactivity

It sounds like a television wrestling match, but it's a serious battle that we must win. The author has some important information and personal experience to offer about how to achieve victory. Our opponents are fierce, ugly, and also conservative in our country. Can a small ping pong compete with these monsters? Table tennis can compete with a dinner table? Take a look carefully at our contest first.

According to Lancet Science magazine, we have an "obesity epidemic in children." The proportion of children and overweight adolescents has increased dramatically over the last few decades bringing the unprecedented incidence of chronic illnesses such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease for our children. When children become heavier worldwide, large quantities become at risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) when adults say New England's Medicine magazine. The culprit in this attack on our health is not difficult to find.Read more http://pingpongclan.com/how-to-hold-a-p ... or-newbie/

Screen time, including TV watching, internet surfing, and video gaming, has been combined with inactive promotion associated with this rapid increase in obesity. How much time the screen? According to the Henry Kaiser Foundation, children from 8-18 years old spend about 1.5 hours on the computer, over an hour of video game play, 4.5 hours watching TV and 7.5 hours on recreational vehicles... PER DAY! That's just one of our grotesque opponents.


The good news is that the "time using screen " has helped our lives more easily in many ways. The bad thing is that "time-use monitors" have robbed away most of the exercise time that we previously used to balance his food intake. That food intake had a turn for the ugly too?

For more than three decades, fast food has infiltrated all American societies and societies. It started with a handful of hot dogs and hamburgers standing in southern California, but now spreading to every corner of the nation. Fast food is available in restaurants and driving, stadiums, airports, zoos, high schools, elementary schools, universities, cruise ships, trains, and airplanes, at K-Marts, Wal-marts, petrol stations and even at the hospital dining House.

In 1970, the Americans spent about 6 billion dollars on fast food; In 2000, they spent over 110 billion dollars. Don't even ask about the year 2010! Americans are currently spending more money on faster food than higher education, personal computers, computer software or new cars. We spend more on faster food than movies, books, magazines, newspapers, video and music recorded – COMBINED, author Eric Schlosser said.

Most of these foods have high amounts of fat and sugar with low fiber, vitamins or minerals. Our Food market space is currently being dominated by processed foods, reducing the level of threat of high Fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Do not forget that freshwater and liquid "Clearing water " is also processed. Robert Lustig, M.D. at UCSF said that the HFCs industry created tremendous political power for our low houses.

On the other hand, some time the screen is good for us. If you consume food and want to know what the sugar industry is, see "Sugar: The Bitter Truth " on YouTube. Now let's enter the mighty but tiny pong ball!

Before the author became a sports medicine consultant, before he operated a tennis coaching job, even before he was a player... He was a ping-pong player. Only one in millions of people are actively hiding in the basement from the Midwestern snow. Before that, he was a goal not to match the bully at school. For that child, a small table tennis ball helps to provide physical confidence, directing him away from the sedentary lifestyle and offers a lot of things after school FUN.
It is important for the first time you take the racket or the table tennis ball; You can easily play and feel the skills without training. Against a friend or family member with similar capabilities, you can even quickly increase the assigned title of the "Menace".


Compared to time to use the screen, table tennis/Ping pong is an incredibly beneficial exercise whether the game is good or not. Many tables even have a playback mode (remember Forrest Gump?), for a player to work out. This is one of the more important words about our huge opponent in this fight for our health.

Some researchers, as Dr. Alweena Zairi, who studied the cause of the implementation of children, believe that practicing less mobility has influenced the development of pre-school nerves and the academic potential of children at the time of the beginning of school. The teachers are looking for them to deal with a growing number of children suffering from a lot of conditions born from a childhood of inactive conditions.

Both table tennis and tennis are well-known international sports with professional tours that require tremendous professional and dedication. Tennis is almost always playing outside. Ping pong almost always in the house and requires much less space. It's also a lot cheaper to learn and enjoy more tennis. The level of entry is easier than ever. Even better for the family, every parent can look like a "pro " and have a great time too. Read more http://pingpongnow.com/what-is-the-size ... ong-table/
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